About Me

I often thought about what would it be like to be able to club one's passion and profession so there'd never be a 'yearning for more'.  While I found the right combination and worked on it, I simultaneously wanted to learn more, do more and enough was/ is never enough. 

I record, capture, travel, bake and write for a living. An advertising-marketing consultant by profession. A travel junkie and food writer by passion - and by profession too. I love what I do and do what I love! I'm a storyteller.  

What you see on this site, is a reflection of the multitude things I do. I often daydream about food and ingredients. Have you checked my recipe blog? There's something delectable for everyone! Supermarkets and airplanes are my happy hangouts. I try eating food that's close to its source as much as possible. Growing up as a non-vegetarian, I'm gradually moving towards eating more veggies and fish and less meat. Such a drastic change cannot happen overnight but I hope to get there. 

I hope this website inspires you to travel and indulge in happy and wonderful things. Hopefully one morning, you'll be motivated to walk into the kitchen and experiment with ingredients.

If you want your airline, spa, restaurant or hotel/ homestay featured here, do get in touch with me. If you're an organic local brand and source responsibly, what are you waiting for? Let's collaborate!


Contact Me:

Email: duskydip@gmail.com

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