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Sip on Green Tea with Serenity

A short trip to Bengaluru, India and the bumpy auto/ cab rides brought in a sense of urgency for a good massage. Definitely not by any inexperienced person but by a professional masseuse at a safe, decent and beautiful place. How difficult can that be, right?

Well... let me begin with a short prelude to my prior encounters with spas and how I spotted this gorgeous zen retreat. When I think of a spa, to be fair, I’d expect it to be quiet and spacious. Unfortunately, I’ve had hideous experiences in some well-known and highly-rated spas in Mumbai – at one place the client in the neighboring room was snoring. In another instance, the owner of the spa was on his phone - loud and unabashedly unapologetic for his brash behaviour. Then there are other places that are claustrophobic and smell weird. Saddening is the fact that these places have wriggled their way up through fake reviews on the internet. But this is different.

It's a tranquil escape. Tucked away in a corner, this spa is a treasure trove. What’s unbelievable is the fact that it is right in the heart of the city. What’s it called you ask? White Mantra Spa & Salon.

In the words of Khalil Gibran ~ Work is love made visible ~ White Mantra Spa & Salon is no different. Built from scratch tirelessly with every ounce of creativity and love by the Founder, the late Aparna Raghavan, this Spa is fueled by passion and dedication. Her brother Ajay Nambiar, continues her legacy ensuring White Mantra Spa & Salon is a well-oiled machine.

As I enter this sprawling property surrounded by coconut trees, chatty squirrels and chirpy birds, I'm drawn towards every element of this place – carefully crafted with minimalistic earthy hues. If you wish to cultivate the practice of being still then this is your space.

White Mantra Spa Salon Reception Area

After glancing through their menu, I'm drawn towards their 'packages'. Every package is comprehensive and well-designed to help one detox and knead stress knots away.

I opted for a Hawaiian Massage Package. This includes a full body massage, followed by a scrub, a good warm herbal soak, a hot shower and a moisturizing lotion application.

The virgin coconut oil combined with long kneading strokes worked synergistically to open up all my stress knots. I won’t deny the fact that I was howling in pain… Over the years I’ve let the laptop and mobile typing/texting lifestyle rob me of my once active lifestyle. This spa session was a welcome break from that self-imposed monotony. The warm herbal soak was a sensorial treat.

Secluded and peaceful, this hidden gem is a celebration for people like me who come from Mumbai where space is an expensive affair and crowds are the norm. Had I brought time to a halt, I would have prolonged my luxurious session.

Worth a mention: I also highly recommend the Thai Massage - one that's very energizing as the masseuse guides you through the entire stretching process. Also much needed if you're stuck in a desk job or are a couch potato!

Where is the much talked about Spa you ask? It's in Namma Bengaluru on Old Airport Road.

To book your spa appointment visit: White Mantra Spa & Salon and mention your Christmas offer Promocode: Duskydip10 to avail a 10% discount on your total bill*. This offer is valid until December 31, 2019. Enjoy your peaceful zen retreat and here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas well ahead.

* Terms and Conditions Apply. Contact White Mantra Spa & Salon to know more.


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