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Rich Fruit Cupcakes

I've been missing Christmas sweets and those addictive fruit cakes. I think I'm still reeling in the festive season and very tempted to replay those memories on my palate. But a few days ago I was determined to recreate something close to the real deal without the guilt. These Rich Fruit Cupcakes taste just as nice and keeps you warm and satiated for a couple of hours on a cold winter's day. Goodbye hunger pangs! Hello new Recipe!


  • 65 gms Unsalted Butter

  • 65 gms Brown Sugar

  • 40 gms lightly roasted Wheat flour

  • 25 gms lightly roasted Ragi flour

  • 2 tbsps Cocoa Powder

  • 1/3rd tsp Baking Powder

  • 1/4th tsp Baking Soda

  • A pinch of Salt

  • 1 /2 tsp Nutmeg

  • 1/4th tsp Cinnamon

  • 40 gms Mixed Dried Fruit chopped

  • 10 Walnuts, coarsely chopped

  • 1 egg

  • 100 gms Milk Chocolate chopped


- Grease 8 cupcake/muffin moulds and set aside.

- In one bowl beat together the butter and sugar with a hand-held electric whisk until pale and creamy.

- Add vanilla extract and egg and beat till incorporated.

- In another bowl, sift the lightly roasted flours cocoa powder, baking powder, soda and salt.

- Add the cinnamon nutmeg mixed dried fruit, walnuts and milk chocolate pieces.

- Pour the wet batter into the dry mixture and mix well.

- The batter is likely to be a bit sticky and dry. That's okay.

- Scoop out two to three spoons of the batter into each mould and sprinkle some mixed dried fruit over them.

- Pre-heat the oven to 150°C or 300°F and bake for about 30 minutes or until done.

- This is the closest you can get to a warm Christmas hug without any guilt. Pour yourself some wine too! Cheers! Enjoy.


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