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Zucchini Cake with Orange Zest

When you're bored of chocolate chips and the standard breads/ cakes, this Zucchini Cake stands out. You have to make it to understand the subtle flavours it lends. Every ingredient put into this dish will remind you of summer. It is moist due to the water content in the Zucchini and the orange rinds contribute to burst of tang. Fresh, zesty notes infused in vanilla will be wafting through your kitchen once the batter is put to bake. Growing up, little did we know that this vegetable can be eaten as a snack or dessert. For most part we'd put it in soups or eat it raw in a salad. Today's recipe is simple and mildly indulgent. Let's begin.


- Zucchini: Rinse the Zucchini and cut the top and end. Do not peel the skin off. Finely grate and keep it on a kitchen towel. Cover it with another kitchen towel on the top and press it gently. Water will start to ooze a bit. Set aside as is.

- Eggs: Keep the eggs at room temperature before baking

- Egg Substitutes: I hear you. You want it egg free? Skip 2 eggs and add 20 ml thick coconut milk to the batter while whisking. Baking time will be upto an hour.


  • 60 gms Unsalted Butter

  • 20 gms Oil

  • 100 gms All purpose flour

  • 50 gms Almond flour

  • 2 large Eggs (Read the Tips above 👆🏽for an eggless version)

  • 60 gms Sugar

  • Finely grated zest of two small Oranges/ Lemons

  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

  • 1/4th tsp Baking Powder

  • 1/4th tsp Baking Soda

  • 1/4th tsp Salt

  • 1/2 tsp Cinnamon powder

  • 60 gms Yogurt

  • 140 gms finely grated Zucchini

  • A handful of black/golden Raisins and Almonds pieces


- Take the kitchen towels off the zucchini. (Read the Tips 👆🏽above)

- Place the grated zucchini in your palms thereby squeezing the excess water out.

- Preheat the oven to 180° C.

- Grease a 9 x 5 inch loaf tin and line it with parchment paper. Lightly grease all sides again.

- In a large bowl whisk the following ingredients adding them one by one: oil, butter, eggs(or coconut milk if eggless), sugar, zest, vanilla and yogurt. Whisk them nicely till the sugar dissolves.

- In another bowl, place a sieve on top and add flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon powder and salt. Sift these ingredients well into this bowl.

- Add the zucchini to these dry ingredients and coat with the dry flour mixture using a spatula

- Now add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir well with a spatula. Make sure there are no traces of dry flour.

- Stir in the raisins and nuts. Leave a few to sprinkle on top.

- Pour this batter into the prepared tin and sprinkle the left over nuts and raisins.

- Bake this for 45 minutes and begin to test by inserting a toothpick in until it comes out clean.

- If you've opted for the eggless version, it will take up to an hour.

- Once done, take it out of the oven.

- Slice and serve warm. Happy Baking!

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