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This is not just another blog site. This is an experience. Experience at work, outside of work and everyday life. Dusky Dip is a site that cites exciting escapades - Renewed determination to succeed, travel and explore all that life has to offer. There are anecdotes of people or places I encounter, sensory experiences and a heady mix of it all. Don't be too quick to judge either. Some might relate to it, some might find it too trivial. Whoever said it's going to be everyone's cuppa? :) Life's too short to be so critical of everything. So relax and just soak it all in. Dusky Dip is my new lease of life that I am grateful for every second. I hope it inspires you enough to bring out the fun side of you. 

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About Me

I record, capture, travel, bake and write for a living. An advertising-marketing consultant by profession. A travel junkie and foodie by passion.   

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